Hey everyone!

So i know that i haven’t posted on here in like 6 months but i am back! At first i stopped blogging was because i didn’t know what to post, i had no motivation to post and i had no ideas, so i focused half of my time to my YouTube channel. Since the last time i blogged i started year 10, at the moment semester 1 is over and we are on the two week break before semester two starts up. I focused most of my time onto school but didn’t do as well as i wished i had. So in a couple of weeks i might not post as much but i will defiantly be posting, at first i will make it that i will concentrate on school and my blog for a week and the next on YouTube and school. If this gets hard i will make it two weeks spent on my blog and school and then after those two weeks the next two on my YouTube and school etc. Hopefully this way i will be posting on YouTube and my blog while still having plenty of time for school!
So that’s it for this little update, i’ll talk to you all in my next post!
Mwah, Tianna x



Favourite Lush products? I’ve only bought two things from Lush before and they are the Dragon’s Egg Bath Bomb and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, so id have to say they are my favourite Lush products.

Favourite 2015 songs?  I’d have to say my favourite 2015 songs are the One Direction album, Made In The A.M, Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, Sorry, The Feeling and What Do You Mean.


What’s you’re favourite thing about blogging? My favourite thing about blogging is getting to share my love for beauty, fashion and photography.

Who or what inspires you? I think what inspires me is reading other people’s blog posts, I like to read what other people think and I love looking at the pictures people take.


If you had $500 dollars to spend on whatever you want, what would you buy? I would defiantly buy a new camera, a professional one defiantly so I could share with you guys clearer photos!


Favourite bloggers? I’m not really sure who my favourite bloggers are, so I’d have to say everyone who has a blog!


Favourite colour? Defiantly pink! If you’re following me on Instagram (@Totallytiannablog), I’ve changed my theme so all my photos will have a pink filter on it.


Favourite Youtuber’s? I’d have to say RCLBeauty, Alex Denmon and Alisha Marie


Favourite thing to do in you’re spare time? Listening to music, stalking you guys on Instagram, going swimming or going on a walk with my dog!


Your style idol? Either Cara Delevingne or Vanessa Hudgens


Favourite Animal? I’m going to sound very Aussie saying this but I am Aussie so who cares right? 😂 Anyway I’d have to say a Koala

So that’s it for this Q&A, I will be having another one soon, maybe at the end of the year but I don’t know. Anyway another new post will be up next week so stay tune for that! 

-Tianna xx

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Lush Haul!

  Hi everyone!

This is my first post for 2016 and it’s a mini haul and also a little review. So I went shopping on Tuesday last week with my nan and my two younger cousins in town! We only have two places in South Australia with Lush and they are both pretty far from where I live and I bought two things from there, so let’s get on with it!

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb smells really good! It’s more of a citrus scent which really appealed me to it, I don’t usually like citrus scents but at the moment I’ve been loving them. This bath bomb has popping candy in it which is amazing and I didn’t know after I bought it and read the little bag it’s wrapped in. Stay tuned for next weeks post as it will be a demo of this bath bomb in action! 😉😏 (this bath bomb was $6.95)


Bubblegum Lip Scub.

This stuff really is amazing! It tastes amazing (like candy floss) an it defiantly smells amazing! I’ve noticed that my lips have become softer since I started using it and it’s also a pretty Pink colour. It was $9.95 so it is a little pricey but I think it’s really worth it! 


So that’s all for today! There will be another post up on wednesday, so stay tuned for that! 

-Tianna xx

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Bucket List 2016!

 Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing up a bucket list for 2016 (these are all things I am hoping to do before 2016 ends!), with 2015 coming to an end tonight, I decided to write up a bucket list of somethings I’d really like to do during 2016. Hope you enjoy!

Go to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  A few months ago I discovered Harry Potter again I hadn’t watched since a was little ( I loved it when I was little) and I love it again! Then a few weeks after, I was searching stuff up about Harry Potter when I discovered that there’s another Harry Potter movie, although it won’t really be a movie, it’ll be a play played in London, and I really want to go see it!

Go to the beach a lot during the rest of the holidays! I haven’t really gone to the beach this year and I really love it, so during 2016, I want to go to the beach more! I actually might be going this weekend! 😏

Have a beach bonfire. 

Add more colour in my room or change rooms?

Have a blogger meet up. (someone who lives in Adelaide, message me or email me)

Do The Colour Run

– Go to Sydney or Melbourne again.

Go hiking.

Eat healthier. 

So these are most of the things I want to do during 2016! I’d love if you would comment somethings that you want to do during 2016. I also want to thank you all for 570 views on my blog for the year! I didn’t know that many people actually stopped by blog and actually checked it out, so thank you! That’s all for now, I’m so sad this is my last post for 2015 but I hope everyone has a great New Year! 

-Tianna x

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DIY Snowglobe | Beauty Spot

So hey everyone. Today is  a special post as it is Christmas post, a DIY and it’s a collab with one of my new blogger friends, Hannah from Beauty Spot! Anyway, i loved working with Hannah and i hope we can do it again real soon! Anyway, onto Hannah’s DIY!

Hey guys,
I am Hannah from Beauty Spot and I am here on Totally Tianna to show you guys a little Christmas DIY. Today I will show you how to make a snow globe in time for a Christmas gift or ornament.

Above is a quick video to help you, but I will give you step by step instruction just in case.

What you need:

+ A plastic wine glass

+ A paper plate

+ An ornament (for the inside of the snow globe)

+ Ribbon

+ Salt

+ Glue

+ Pencil

+ Scissors

1. Cut out a circle the size of the wine glass.

2. Glue your ornament to the circle.

3. Glue the rim of the wine glass.

4. Pour some salt into your wine glass to act as snow.

5. Carefully tip the ornament and place it on the wine glass.

6. Leave it upside down to dry so the salt doesn’t stick to the glue.

7. When it is try, turn it the right way up and tie a ribbon to the handle.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and thank you so much Tianna for having me on your blog. Go check out Tianna’s post on my blog here.

Lots of love,





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